The Best Day Ever

You know those days that go really, really well for you… like everything is just going too perfect? The days that you feel like you are on top of the world and can do ANYTHING if you set your mind to it? I know you do.. Those days are the absolute best. Aren’t they? Now… have you ever noticed that those days are, rarely, longer than a day? That the feeling seems to dissipate overnight and the next very day is like the worst day ever?

I have… I just had one of those days this week. Tuesday to be exact… it was the average Tuesday… I woke up, got dressed, did the morning chores, got my daughter dressed and off to school (on time, I’d like to add) and went to work. I am a restaurant manager and it is a little hectic from time to time but, over all, I love my job and I am pretty good at it. I spent 9 hours of my day at my job, all the time daydreaming about going home and taking a nap. I can’t be the only one who wishes for nap time, can I? Anyways… the work day ended and for some reason I had a burst of adrenaline and energy… OUT OF NO WHERE! I picked up my daughter from school and when we got home I had two wonderful surprises waiting for me at the front door… my brand new wireless, fold-able, and back lit keyboard to blog with and my order of checks! It felt like Christmas! Now, who gets excited over checks? This girl, that’s who! I need to write one check per month… yes, one… and I have procrastinated ordering these bad boys for way too long! And they’re not just the plain Jane boring checks either… they feature iconic Gone With the Wind scenes! I’m actually looking for more reasons to write checks just to be able to spread the love! Oh! And the keyboard… man… this thing rocks. It connects instantly to my iPad or phone and has zero lag (I think that’s a techy term?) or delay. The back lit feature makes it super usable in low light settings so I don’t have to disrupt my entire household to get on here and tell you about my checks and wonderful keyboard. When I’m not using it, I fold it up and goes in pouch so I can carry it with me wherever I go. It even fits in my purse!

Moving on now…

So… a normal day, right? With new goodies to play with and one on one time with the most awesome little girl in the world. A little later, I logged onto the website for the University that I applied to and got confirmation that I have been accepted into the Bachelor of Business program! Woo! Another high for the day! Then a little later I booked the flights, hotel, and rental car for my trip to San Antonio, Texas at the end of May! My mother, man-friend and myself are going there to see my brother graduate from the Air Force Academy! Super exciting! I ended my day on a massive high note.

The next morning… I woke up sad, anxious, and borderline depressed. The start of the day was the same as the day before and the work routine was identical but I couldn’t shake the feeling of dread. JD, my man friend, was bringing our son back over after school and that was exciting but every high from the day before was gone. I kept thinking back to my college failures before and was trying to talk myself out of it. I was telling myself I’d never stick to it and it’d be a waste of money and all that fun nonsense. I realized that I had just drained my bank account to book this trip and the babysitter details had not been worked out for our two children. The plan was to have Grams (my mother’s best friend and roommate) watch our, almost 2 year old, daughter and his parents, Bumpa and Grandma, watch our little man who is 5. Grams was a for sure go but Bumpa and Grandma were up in the air and due to some new medical problems they decided they wouldn’t be able to handle watching him for 5 days… completely understandable but world shattering to us. So here I am, 3 hours before my deadline to cancel reservations, trying to frantically find a solution. Being the completely rational people that we are, note the sarcasm in that, the trip is ruined! JD was going to have to sit out the one and only trip we would take to stay home with the little man. He was willing to do it to but I wasn’t having any of it. Then! We got the brilliant idea to try to add a flight for our son and just take him with. It wouldn’t have been the get-a-way we were looking for but he would have enjoyed it. Probably? So I’m on my tablet, computer, and phone researching anything and everything I can to figure out how to add him to the trip… calling Expedia… trying to call Delta… all while trying to enjoy our family dinner. I was on a time line man and a lot of money was on the line if we couldn’t find a solution and fast. About 20 minutes into my potential 2 hour hold time with Delta, Grams calls… She says it would be no problem for her to watch both the children. Wait, what? Why didn’t I think of asking her sooner? Oh wait… because I’m such am intelligent thinker under pressure… that’s why. Then… the day turned around and the excitement from the day before returned.

So in short… I had THE BEST DAY EVER followed by what I thought was THE WORST DAY EVER. All because of the way I decided to approach it. I woke up, on Tuesday, feeling like a million bucks. I didn’t over think anything or stress myself out. I took joy in the little things in life such as receiving my keyboard and my checks. I didn’t have a grand plan for my day or too much that I wished to accomplish I just went with the flow and it was an amazing day. Wednesday came around and I started to over think everything. I regretted spending the money even though I knew I had to be there for my brother. I started doubting my purchase of the fancy new keyboard because that was less money for Texas. I started to doubt myself as an adult again… I, single-handedly, ruined my day from the start. There was even a point, on Wednesday, that I broke down and started to cry… the nasty, snotty type cry. It was all just too much. Luckily for me, JD knows exactly what to do in those situations and just lets me vent and be snotty on his shoulder and calmly asks me if I’m done before throwing in his two cents. I hate to admit this, and I hope he doesn’t chose to read this particular post, but he is normally right. He reminded me of why I am jumping on a plane for the first time in my life and why the money spent was necessary and how I did a great job finding an awesome deal for the 3 of us to fly 1300 miles south over Memorial Day weekend. He reminded me that I purchased the keyboard for my blogging because he knows how important this is to me. He told me to shut up about the school stress and that I just need to finish my degree and be done. He, jokingly, made a comment around the lines of, “From it’s like Christmas! To FML in less than 12 hours…” He was right, though! I had let myself get worked up over nothing! I stressed myself out. Me…myself… I ruined my entire day.

Moral of my story… watch how you look at things. Do not let the small and insignificant details get in the way of your prior day’s joy. Keep your on top of the world feeling and continue on, day after day, believing that this is going to be the best day ever. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the trivial details of life but you do have the power to overcome every obstacle that life throws at you. Remember, you’ve gotten through everything thus far… only you can stop you now.